Society ladies at the Buda Castle: where ageless beauties meet

Dorina Dobor’s clothes have returned home: the Buda Castle was the location for the shoot of her latest collection. Every corner of it was a natural backdrop – be it the staircase, the classic terrace of the Main Guard or the imposing Royal Riding Hall. The latter was not only beautiful and impeccably styled, but also humorous: the girls’ choreography, performed with serious faces and deliberately slap-slap, was serenely observed through the huge stained glass windows.

Fotó: Draskovics Ádám

The common factor was the timeless elegance of the castle’s stunning buildings and Dorina Dobor’s creations. Something that is not worn away by changing trends, that harkens back to the traditions of mothers and grandmothers, and that guarantees that a dress will have real value for many years to come.

To be fair, in the days of our mothers and grandmothers, models did not balance on a railing over the void with the dexterity of an artist in stilettos – but daring and a good photographer can work wonders.

Fotó: Draskovics Ádám

And that was just the external “show”, the fashion show was hosted in the Royal Riding Hall, as part of the F1 Grand Prix Gala Dinner – a reminder: the Hungarian Grand Prix started on Sunday. (The evening was hosted by Humda Hungarian Mobility Development Ltd, the most important player in Hungarian motor sport, managing a wide range of areas from racing and track construction to road safety campaigns.)

The reaction from the audience, which included sports and business people, was that they particularly liked Dorina Dobor’s clothes – and were open to more extravagant pieces. The most unique creation was a black dress covered from neck to chest with large strings of pearls – a kind of eye-catching, chic armour. 

“Let me emphasize that this dress is not just for the catwalk, it is also comfortable to wear for evenings, or even at the opera, despite its daring nature,” said the designer, whose trademark is uncompromising comfort.

Fotó: Draskovics Ádám

But the aforementioned beaded dress did not step out of Dorina Dobor’s style range, its clean elegance was unquestionable. Of course, for the designer, impeccable style is also exciting – with a hint of French chic and Italian flair. Which was perfectly exemplified when the models walked the runway to the sound of a chanson and a Mediterranean song.

Their beauty and character were highlighted not only by the elegant creations, sometimes in stunning colours – but also by the accessories that harmonised with the pieces. For example, the parade of hats, individually designed (and sewn from the fabric) to match the dresses, made it clear what it means to be a lady of society. And the lace scarves intensified and reinterpreted the revealing, seductive looks.