Derby, derby horses and a Hungarian fashion designer

Dorina Dobor revealed French style elegance at the Kincsem Park

When it comes to derbies, the race is an inescapable social event in the UK: at the Epsom and Ascot Derby, it’s not just the horses that line up but also dresses, shoes and hats – the latter being the focus of the British high society press. But timeless, aristocratic elegance is not just for the “English”: this impeccable style was reflected at the Dorina Dobor Fashion Show, organised in style at the Kincsem Park, before the most prestigious race of the Derby and Fashion Festival.

“When I design, the clothes do not appear in my imagination on their own, but with the matching shoes, the bag, the scarf or the hat. Although the latter items have been excluded from social events in Hungary, I am confident that I can prove that it is worth bringing back the tradition of wearing hats, as these accessories enhance and emphasize the character and beauty of the dresses and the lady who wears them” – Dorina Dobor explained how the various parts of a Dorina Dobor creation enhance each other. “And, of course, for the creations to work perfectly, you need a backdrop that enhances the outfit,” the designer added “and I’m a fan of both graceful derby horses and the social traditions of the equestrian sports. Thus the Derby and Fashion Festival, which evokes the spirit of the old races, is a perfect setting.” And the audience’s reaction perfectly matched Dorina Dobor’s vision: the models were acknowledged with great spontaneous applause.

Dorina Dobor has been in the fashion industry for two years now and has her own concept on comfort and the female body, very different from how other designers perceive things.  On the one hand, comfort is as important as elegance, and on the other hand, she designs not for “stick thin girls”: she designs her models in sizes 38 and 40, while in the fashion world, 34 is the standard size.  “My ideal model”, smiled Dorina Dobor, “is a hard-working, mature, successful woman, not an adolescent girl.  Who expects to feel at home in a dress.  It’s a legend that you have to choose between comfort and perfect elegance.”

The premium models presented at the Derby Fashion Show prove such concept: perfectly cut lines, stunning drape fabrics, sheer lace that suggests etheric lightness, pure French elegance – while the girls moved comfortably in the creations. While the show also had a Mediterranean feel to it, thanks to the accessories – that are new in the Hungarian fashion world – lace scarves.