Dorina Dobor’s outfits in the media

A fashion designer, businesswoman, dedicated supporter of good causes, mother of four and devoted wife – these are the “mosaics” that make up Dorina Dobor’s portrait. Her work has been followed by the media, and we have reviewed some of the articles published on her.

Dresses (not only) for public figures

Dresses for public figures, and not just anybody, for example, many members of the political elite appear in her creations at national and international events. (Click here for the detailed story.)

Building a new premium brand

As a mother of four, Dorina Dobor took a deep breath and realised her dream of becoming a fashion designer. That was just a year and a half ago. With her first collection, she won the World Top Model Design Award, one of the world’s most prestigious model competitions, and now she is taking her second premium collection public. (You can watch the report here.)

Because “me” is important, but “us” is even more important

The mother of four has created a charity tradition with her friend Katalin Hampel, also a fashion designer. Every year, they invite prominent public and business figures to a fashion show and auction: the proceeds of the auction go to the István Regőczi Foundation. The organisation that is determined to help Covid orphans who have lost one or both parents in the pandemic, until they finish their studies or start working. (You can read the article on the charity fashion show here, or watch the video here.)